Our Strategic Goal

Develop and optimize biological research platform that will impact both, basic and translational research and industrial applications with the aim to increase research output and visibility of academic and research institutions in Western Balkans.

"An overall aim is establishment and optimization of a research platform for the assessment and development of drugs, that involves chronic disease and cancer modeling for more accurate mimicking in vivo diseases."

Dr. Mirza Suljagic - Founder

We are dedicated to the following objectives

3D Cellular Model

Engineer and optimize a complex 3D cellular model for in vitro studies, ensuring an optimal models for disease mimicry.

Screening Platform

Develop a reliable drug screening platform for novel chemical entities for research institutions and industry.


Establish a training program of a good laboratory practice (GLP) in cell culture engineering.

Humane Care

Reduce the use of animals in drug screening process, particularly in developing countries having unregulated legislative in these areas.

How we do it? In theory

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