Our Strategic Goal

Development of customized biotech research platforms that will impact both, basic and translational research and industrial applications with the aim to increase research output and visibility of academic and research institutions in Western Balkans.

"We work towards development and optimization of a research platform for the assessment and development of drugs, that involves chronic disease and cancer modeling for more accurate mimicking in vivo diseases."

Dr. Mirza Suljagic - Founder

We are dedicated to the following objectives

3D Cellular Model

Engineer and optimize a complex 3D cellular model for in vitro studies, ensuring an optimal models for disease mimicry.

Screening Platform

Develop a reliable drug screening platform for novel chemical entities for research institutions and industry.


Establish a training program of a good laboratory practice (GLP) in cell culture engineering.

Humane Care

Reduce the use of animals in drug screening process, particularly in developing countries having unregulated legislative in these areas.


We support

We support The Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI), an international effort to generate and characterize the next-generation of cancer cell models that better represent the hallmarks and diversity of human cancers, as a resource for the scientific community.

Supported by


Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures provide better physiological relevance than two-dimensional models, and more accurately represent the tissue microenvironments, cellular interactions and in turn molecular and biological processes that occur in vivo. As a result more predictive data concerning drug development are generated, using various imaging systems.

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We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the men and women which help create the lab.

Mirza Suljagić Group lead

Mirza Suljagić finished his PhD research in Molecular Immunology in Trieste, Italy. Currently, he works as Principal Investigator at Fablab and 3D BioLabs, where he is engaged in the development of organoids and 3D biopritning platforms for drug development and translational cancer research. Dr. Suljagic worked at ICGEB-EMBL Campus Rome in characterizing intracellular targets in leukemia and lymphoma. In 2011 he moved to Sarajevo and worked as a professor at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering, led a Molecular Biomedicine group at the International university of Sarajevo, received competitive research funds from various financing bodies such as ICGEB, AstraZeneca, Leukemia and lymphoma society and mentored numerous undergraduate, master and PhD students. His knowledge and expertise in molecular biology and cell culturing techniques including 3D cell organoid development. Dr. Suljagic participated in various international projects and management committee member of several COST Actions including CellFit: In vitro 3D total cell guidance and fitness. He has published numerous research papers in high-impact international journals and is author of three books.

Lejla Mahmutović Junior scientist

Lejla Mahmutović, PhD candidate, currently works as an Assistant at Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at IUS. She has five years of experience in molecular biology of cancer and cell culture techniques including cultivation of suspension and adherent cell lines, various in vitro cell assays, protein and nucleic acid analysis, protein (WB) and gene expression analysis (qPCR), etc. Lejla attended two training schools in 3D cell culturing: “Adding a new dimension to cell culture – A practical full immersion course on 3D matrix, cell mechanosensing and in vitro culture, selection of right 3D matrix”, working with TinkerCAD of 3D models, and 3D printing for matrix molds and “Meet the rising stars of emerging therapies” From 3D Bioprinting to Extracellular Vesicle isolation and encapsulation for delivery”. She attended many international conferences and published research papers and participated in projects in the field of molecular biology and cancer research.

Emina Huseinbegović Research associate

Emina Huseinbegović, MSc in Genetics and Bioengineering, has technical background and experience in molecular biology and in cell culture techniques including cultivation of suspension cells, cell viability and proliferation assays, protein and gene expression analysis. Emina attended the Training School: “3D Bioprinting to Extracellular Vesicle isolation and encapsulation for delivery”. Emina also works as a Molecular biologist in Eurofarm Centar in Sarajevo. She published research papers and participated in projects in the field of molecular biology and cancer research.

Daria Ler Adviser

Daria Ler, PhD, is the Head of Molecular diagnostics at the Eurofarm Centa Policlinic. Dr. Ler has vas academic experience including Head of Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at International university of Sarajevo. She is involved in various research and educational projects and bringing to 3D BioLabs a network of researchers and industry stakeholders. Dr. Ler is also actively involved in COST actions, such as STRATAGEM: “New diagnostic and therapeutic multidrug resistant tumors”, In vitro 3D total cell guidance and fitness (Cost Action CA18133) and many others. She has a great expertise in the field of molecular biology, molecular diagnostics and cell culture techniques. Dr. Ler is author of research papers published in high-indexed international journals and two books.

Sergio Ledda Adviser

Sergio Ledda, PhD, is a Full professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Department of Veterinary Medicine University of Sassari. With a long term experience on management of complex structure working in research and educational agency, he successfully coordinated national and international research groups. Prof. Ledda built a great career in research instrument related to biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology, reproductive assisted techniques, cell culture and 3 D cell culture systems for the creation of multicellular models. Dr. Ledda is author of more than 200 scientific publications in national and international journals, among which around 110 were published in peer reviewed journals. He was invited speaker in numerous international meeting regarding reproduction in veterinary and medical science. Also, he built scientific collaboration with numerous international lab and scientists. In year 2015 Prof. Ledda was selected as a distinguished researcher for the research productivity among more than 750 researchers.

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